Henry Altmann and Maxine Sorokin are 2Artists

Henry-&-Maxine-PortraitThey work individually, or, will collaborate, sharing ideas and encouraging each other’s distinct, creative gifts. Working under one roof, yet retaining their unique and specific creative styles, they have built a multi-faceted art business, able to provide custom-designed and original artwork in a variety of media.

Please visit our gallery section to see postal stamp collages, giclée prints, greeting cards, oils, watercolors, pastel, painting on silk, landscapes, seascapes, still lifes, pet portraits, house portraits and more.

Please visit the “more information” section of this site for details or simply contact us directly. Let 2Artists be your source for that special, unique gift for yourself and/or someone else.

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Eagle Postal Stamp Collage

I am so delighted with my summer project: my eagle postal collage!  as always the work itself takes an inch an hour of exacting work and that does not count all the prep work involved. There is always dramatic tension: will I have enough of a particular stamp to finish a certain area of the […]


Happy Puffin Sale the New Tech Way!!

I am pleased to say that I just sold my latest postal stamp collage yesterday! by showing the image to  someone who saw the image o my iPhone!  How cool is that. Puffin never even made it over from the framer to the gallery wall before it had a new owner!  Thank You Puffin buyer!!


Alpacas Oh My!

I never met an alpaca till a few years ago and I have since fallen in love with these gentle creatures.  They have soulful gazes, soft coats that yield beautiful fiber for knitting (super soft and warm), they don’t bite! as I hand feed them baby carrots, and they never step on my feet despite […]


Spring is arriving soon!

Birds will be arriving.  We are very involved with watching for them, and doing images of them.  Great Blue Heron stamp collage is in progress right now!!  Pastels of birds will be forthcoming too.  Please make sure to watch this space for sneak previews!

Collection of Baskets

Halls and Walls, Tables and Shelves…

What do these all have in common?  Places for 2Artists artwork! Deck your halls and walls, and tables and shelves this holiday season with our artwork. Special holiday 15% discount to make you happy, us happy and your gift recipients happy too.