Monthly Archives: July 2015

Ask the Artists please

Please contribute to the conversation using our “Ask the Artist” feature!  We eagerly await your art related questions!!!


Looking forward into August!

August 1st, 2015 is the opening date for our next art event!!!! 11AM at the Wells Public Library is a group show of approx. 7 artists…Henry and I are 2 of those 7.  The show will be up all of August and September too.  Reception is at 11AM-1PM with Maxine as the moderator.  Refreshments too. […]


4th of July

We watched a 4th of July video today that interviewed people about the meaning of the holiday.  The results were frightening in terms of people’s lack of knowledge of American history.  The whole episode linked to our experience of the average person’ s  knowledge of art history.  We can ask who is artist X, what […]