Ask the Artists

We’d like to start a conversation with our blog followers called “Ask the Artist(s)”.  

If the question is too personal or feels creepy in any way , we of course reserve the right not to answer any and all such inappropriate queries.

To kick off this series, we’d like to start with a question from   an attendee of our the June 12th ENVISION reception at The Whitney Galleries in Wells, ME.

Remember the art exhibition ENVISION runs through June 28th so please come see our work…Wed 12-5, Thurs through Sun 1-6

The first question was asked of me, Maxine.

“Doesn’t all the close work you do in your postal stamp collages hurt your eyes and make you very tired”?

My answer will make sense to many of the artists as well as the energy workers reading this.

When I am concentrating on my artwork, I feel the energy I am expending actually flowing down from my eyes and thoughts into my shoulder and down my left arm into my left hand and my fingertips.

I am left handed and never feel this flow in the right side of my body.  It feels like water flowing out of a water faucet and if I have to stop work for any length of time, the energy seems to back up in my hand and my fingers ache to have it released onto the surface of my work.  If I could see auras, perhaps I could actually see this energy flow. As it is, I am happy to feel it.  It flows and does not make me tired at all in that way.  My back and neck get achey, sometimes my eyes feel the strain but if I stop briefly to rest, the energy rebuilds itself.

The second question was asked of me (Henry).

“Do you and Maxine ever work on each other’s artwork or comment on the work in progress”

No, we NEVER work on each other’s work.  Not EVER! and we only comment on each other’s work when we are asked to do so.  Sometimes we do not even see the other person’s work till it is finished.

We’ve worked in separate and in shared studios for over 43 years with complete respect for each other’s space and visions.  It has to be like that or the partnership of marriage combined with 2 art careers would never have worked.  We are always happy for each other’s successes, and are supportive of each other but we are two very separate people in our 2Artist endeavors and world.  It sounds “sappy” maybe, but it is our truth.

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