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Alpacas Oh My!

I never met an alpaca till a few years ago and I have since fallen in love with these gentle creatures.  They have soulful gazes, soft coats that yield beautiful fiber for knitting (super soft and warm), they don’t bite! as I hand feed them baby carrots, and they never step on my feet despite […]


Spring is arriving soon!

Birds will be arriving.  We are very involved with watching for them, and doing images of them.  Great Blue Heron stamp collage is in progress right now!!  Pastels of birds will be forthcoming too.  Please make sure to watch this space for sneak previews!


Weatherstripping the Studios! Changing Mindsets!

After years of freezing our****off each winter, we took the steps to weatherstrip all the huge Victorian studio windows.  We are bidding a sad farewell to not only summer, but also it seems to a trunctated Autumn but that’s OK because now we will hunker down and stay indoors and produce more ART! There are […]

Bow Detail on a Basket

Basket Bonanza

I am totally juiced to post pix and info on my collection of hand woven baskets.  They range in size from large, med, and small, to teeny tiny.  Made from a variety of yarns, buttons, and other embellishments woven over a fiber core, these baskets are inspired by the sea. See the New Gallery


Summer is Fleeting; We’re Working Hard

We are on Fire!  Long term planning is commencing on the marketing side of things.  Prints, calendars, greeting card distribution along the Coast.  We are so excited.  Watch our blogs for details.


September is Almost Here!

August’s Art Shows are in progress, Sept. at the Wells Library too. September brings a return to our combo schedule of teaching gigs and doing our own art. We will keep you posted about all our exciting activities!