Envision Exhibition at the Whitney Galleries

Henry and I were so excited to have the opening reception to our art show ENVISION open at The Whitney Galleries (in Wells, Maine) on June 12th, 2015.

The turn out for the opening was really high! which gave us such a high!! Thank you to everyone who came, saw, nibbled, and enjoyed.

A big shout out to Richard and David who provided a great table of food and drink, and made sure everyone was happy.

The show is open Wed 12-5, Thurs-Sun 1-6 through June 28th 2015.

We are showing postal stamp collages, silk ptgs on silk (Maxine) and pastels, oils (Henry), giclees large and small and greeting cards.

It was such fun to feel sparkly, have our work so appreciated, to answer questions about our work and the processes it involves and to feel the interest flowing back at us….for 4 hours!!!!

This is the first of what will be many blog entries as Henry and I get used to our wonderful revamped website (thank you Robin), and begin to g, get involved in social media beyond Facebook.

Please follow us as we let you on what we are doing, HOW we are doing it, and much more.

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