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About our methods

In giclée printing, no screen or other mechanical devices are used and therefore there is no visible dot screen pattern. The image has all the tonalities and hues of the original painting. Giclée (pronounced Gee’clay) is a French term meaning to spray or squirt, which is how an inkjet printer works. Our giclées are limited to a 20 print edition.

Postal stamp collages are created by Maxine Sorokin out of pre- 1972 lick-and-stick domestic and foreign stamps. She meticulously sorts by color to create her palette and snips them into pieces as small as one-sixteenth of an inch to create color, movement and image. The originals take 80-120 hours to complete. Contact the artists for up-to-the-minute availability of originals.

Greeting cards are available as singles or multiples (assorted or not). Cards are custom-printed and individually signed by the artist as small mini works of art suitable for sending or framing. Each comes with its own envelope and is packaged in a resealable plastic sleeve. Contact the artists for up-to-the-minute availability of originals.

Henry’s Works for Sale

Name Chosen for the WorkMediaPrice
*also available in greeting cards @ $5 each
**pet portraits in oil or pastel done from your photograph on canvas, paper or covered wooden boxes
- Houses Along the RachelOil$600
- Garden WalkwayPastel$500
- Laude Holme FarmPastel$800
- A Chowder House on the MarshPastel$800
- Rocks at Moody PointPastel$1,250
- Summer Afternoon on the MarchOil$800
- Winter on the Sea MarshPastelsold
- Sea Marsh DwellingsOil$600
- Mid Summer in MaineOil$600
- Beach CottageOil$600
- Shifting CloudsOil$600
- Beach Rocks at Low TidePastel$1,250
- Surf at Moody Point*Pastel$1,250
- Boston House PortraitAcrylic on Wodden BoxCommissions Accepted
- Crescent Beach RockPastel$250
- Holly's Portrait**Acrylic on Wodden Box
- Iconic Barn (old barn on rte 1)Pastel$1,250


Maxine’s Works for Sale

Name Chosen for the WorkMediaPrice
- Winter Dreams of Summer Seas 15x16 framedSilk Dyes on Silk$450
- Black Lab*Postal Stamp Collage$1,250
- Butterfly*Postal Stamp CollageSold
- Dalmatian*Postal Stamp Collage$1,250
- Lobster Trap*Postal Stamp Collage$1,250
- Morning Glory*Postal Stamp Collage$1,250
- Ogunquit CliffsPostal Stamp Collage$1,850
- Red Haired Victorian Doll*Postal Stamp Collage$1,600
- Victorian Doll in Blue Hat*Postal Stamp Collage$1,600
- Rose*Postal Stamp Collage$1,250
- Wulf's Flower GardenGiclée Print$500
- Blue Plate SpecialSilk Dye Painting$200
- Lucy's HouseOil PaintingSold, commissions accepted
- EgretOil Paiting$1,500
- View Through a Screened WindowEmbellished Silk Dyes on Silk$200
- Silken SeasSilk Dye Painting on Silk$400
- Sail Boat RaceGiclée Print$500
- Autumn Aerial View of Marsh*Postal Stamp Collage$1,250
- Chilling on My BikeGiclée Print$500
- Lobster Mermaid DanceSilk Painting$400
- Shelby the ColliePrints & Greeting Cards
- Buoys*Postal Stamp Collage$1,000
*also available in greeting cards @ $5 each
- BluebirdPostal Stamp Collage$1,250
- Butterfly* 10x12Giclée Print$350
- Butterfly* 17x26Giclée Print$375
- A SealPostal Stamp Collage$700
- A Seal 17x26Giclée Print$375
- Lilac 7x10Giclée Print$350
- Lilac 35x48Giclée Print$1,130
- Lilac Enlargement of Upper Right Corner - 34x38.5Giclée Print$1,000
- Blue Plate Special 17x21 framedSilk Dye Painting$450
- Wulf's Flower Garden 12.5x16 framedGiclée Print$450

Other work is available in original, gicleé and greeting card formats as well as inexpensive prints.  Please inquire … images are available by email.

Ordering Details

  1. For other specific prices, please email us
  2. Suitable for corporate gift giving, private gifts to new buyers, law firm marketing divisions and more • Shipping cost dependent on specific purchases
  3. We accept PayPal Images on canvas in oils or acrylics, pen & ink, pastels and watercolors, captured on:
  4. Stationery with your house or pet’s image
  5. Murals: indoors, outdoors
  6. House signs
  7. Hand-painted needlepoint canvas done of house or pet

We can also serve as guest speakers, offering talks on

  1. Antiques
  2. Collectibles
  3. Art Ceramics program:
    • Greenware for your painting pleasure
    • Raw Clay for hand building
    • School groups
    • Senior programs
    • Sisterhoods, church groups, synagogues
    • Assisted Living, retirement village programs
    • Boy & Girl Scouts special programs
  4. We come to your group with all materials, fire the clay in our kilns and deliver the finished work to your site.